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How does Air Conditioning works?

Comfort Airconditioning-

Refrigeration is the process of removing heat from any area under control conditions. Air conditioning is also the same as refrigeration and now we are talking about comfort air conditioning system.

According to ASHRAE, human comfort is defined as the state of mind that expresses satisfaction and comfort with the environment of the surroundings normally considered thermally.

There are many factors affecting human comfort and some of them are mentioned below-

Effective temperature, heat production and regulation, Hot and Cold surfaces, air motion, air stratification, quality of air, quantity of air, moisture content present in the air with heat production and regulations.

Effective temperature is the combined effect of dry bulb temperature and air velocity. Comfort chart is being utilised by this and we can find the normal temperature where we can feel comfort. Heat production and regulation is a major factor that is contributed to the human comfort.

Human being consumes food everyday and releases some amount of heat due to the metabolism of the food in the body. This metabolism is carried out to take out all the proteins in all the useful vitamins from the food and expel out the excreta. So the temperature of human body must be considered.

Not only the temperature of human body but also member of human present in the area or the environment of the comfort air conditioning is also measured. The moisture content present in the air is an important factor for the control of air conditioning. It must be noted whether the temperature is hot, cold, humid, rainy or any other type. It should be around 40 to 60% so the normal working of comfort air conditioning.

The volume of the air consists of carbon dioxide, argon, neon, Helium gases and many more. Some are toxic, some are non toxic and Some are neutral. Even these must be considered while there is a work of human comfort air conditioning.The air motion should not exceed 8 to 12 metres per minute for efficient human air conditioning. The temperature of ceilings, surfaces, doors and all other indoor items must be considered


The human body works best at a certain temperature range as it cannot tolerate large range of temperature variations. The feeling of comfort to an individual depends upon many factors like type of clothes used, rate of activity and many more. There is no proper method to measure the feeling of comfort. It mostly depends upon the atmospheric conditions of the environment. The scientific method is introduced to measure the comfort feeling of human beings by introducing a concept of effective temperature.

There are many other factors which affect the effective temperature there by affecting the human air conditioning.

Climatic and seasonal differences seem to be the largest different people may observe in their daily life. Air conditioning will work differently in winter season when compared to summer season. The type of clothing the individual wear also affects the temperature because the heat loss by conduction and heat loss by radiation are the factors that depend on the body temperature. Age and sex of the person differ. The metabolism rate will be different for different people

Conduction, Convection and Radiation must be allotted time to start and on go the heat transfer. Bajaj Finance Loans and other EMI options are also available for these comforting conditioners.

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