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How Do Electric Cars Work – advantages,dis-advantages

Electric car –

A car is a four wheeler vehicle used in the main purpose of transport. Its already aware that the future depends completely on Renewable Sources. So the future technology will completely depend on electricity. Now we’re going to know about the electric car and its working principle.

Electric cars are electric vehicles that use a battery which powers the electric motor that is used to start the engine. When the power of the batteries is exhausted,  the battery can be recharged again and further be used. These cars completely depend on electricity and does not depend on any type of crude oil which includes Petrol, diesel and gasoline. So all these types of vehicles are considered as electric vehicles.

how do electric cars work

In all the bikes and cars, we have dynamo meter near the Braking System which powers the battery of the car or any vehicle and get used for horns and lights. The same way in electric car, we can use all those types for the generation of electricity and powering up the battery in the car with which we can move for the distance. Even at the times of huge traffic, we can turn off the engine and power up very efficiently when compared to another petrol or diesel engine cars.

An electric car consists of A 240 volt battery with which we can travel 70 to 100 miles with one charge. This is the requirement for all the citizens in the US. So the people using electric car can charge car in the morning, go to the office in the car and come back to the home at night. There will be no pollution and it is also a money saving process. Only expenditure we have is at the time we buy an electric car.

Almost all the driver appreciate the smooth functioning of an electric car as the generate instant torque which gains speed in the engine very fast. In simple words, all these types of cars have high acceleration.  We have the list of number of numbers using the electric car in the parts of America. The uses of electric car is highest in the Eastern, Western and coastal parts of America which has a major portions of Alaska,  Texas, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Florida and New York. The next major portions consists of Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, Wisconsin and many more.

The basic parts of an electric car-

1. AC electric motors for driving engine
2. Electric controller
3. Battery tray
4. 12 volt lead acid batteries
5. Battery charger
6. Small motor driving engine and other parts

electric car parts

  Advantages of an electric car-

1. Even with the usage of electric car, there will be no tail pipe emissions.
2. Low cost of manufacturing
3. The mileage when compared to the same gasoline is higher
4. The average amount of money spent per mile is 80% less than that of normal cars.

 Disadvantages of an electric car-

1. The time of recharge of battery is high when compared to the refueling capacity of gasoline or petrol.
2. The maintenance of the car is very high.
3. Though all the parts are available easily, the cost is very high.

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