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Fact About Engineering

Unbelievable Facts About Engineers
The success core selection of a Mechanical Engineer is now finally revealed. Usually all the Mechanical Engineers do following works-
1.       Analyze the problems that persists to observe how both the mechanical and thermal equipment can be able to solve particular problems.
2.       To design the devices or sub systems related to both mechanical or thermal using ANSYS and Computer Aided Design.
3.       To test and develop the made prototypes of the devices.
4.       To change the design by analyzing the test reports.
5.       Predict manufacturing defects or faults for the device.

Work Environment varies according as there are about 2 million job vacancies in 2016 as per a survey conducted. The industries that developed mechanical engineering posts are as follows-

1.       Engineering Services
2.       Machinery Manufacturing
3.       Computer and Electronic product manufacturing
4.       Research in Physical, Engineering and development of Life Sciences
5.       Aerospace parts manufacturing
Some special qualities must be possessed by Mechanical Engineers unless they are inventors. They are mentioned below.
Mechanical Engineers must be very creative as they need to take care of design and build complex pieces of machinery and equipment. A creative mind is necessary for these type of jobs.
  Listening Skills-
Mechanical Engineers usually work with other specialists namely Architects and Computer Specialists. They must listen carefully and analyze different approaches which will make the work easy.
  Math Skills-
Mechanical Engineers have Physics in their hands. So all the principles of calculus and statistics are used for analysis and design of new systems.
  Mechanical Skills-
Mechanical Engineers need Mechanical skills to apply fundamental engineering concepts and Mechanical processes to the design of new equipment.
  Problem Solving Skills-
Mechanical Engineers need problem solving skills to make discoveries and build useful products in the future.
Mechanical Engineers can be fortunate in any type of related sector. Some of them are listed below with description.
  Aerospace Industry-
a.       Researches
b.       Designs
c.       Manufacturers
d.       Operations
e.       Maintenance
Aerospace Engineering is the primary art of Engineering which includes the development of Air Craft and Space Craft. So, it is further divided into two categories. Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering. Mechanical Engineers can go into any field they like. Most of the engineers prefer going to Aeronautical Engineering as there is much broader scope for development and safe in their entire life.
  Automotive Industry-
a.       Designs
b.       Manufacturers
c.       Distributors
d.       Marketing Motor Vehicles
Automotive Engineering is the combination of Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Electrical and Electronics Engineering with small part of Aeronautical Engineering. Engineers who choose this field of study can design and manufacture vehicles or improve the current vehicles. Automotive Engineering has a huge scope only in Germany and some parts of America and Australia. An unbelievable fact: Chennai stands first in terms of Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers and Automotive Engineers.
  Chemical Industry-
a.       Oil Companies
b.       Chemical Manufacturers
c.       New Business
d.       New Plants
e.       New Technology
Chemical Engineering is a part and branch of science that deals with the basic physics and chemistry, life sciences with applied physics, Economics and Mathematics to create, transform and properly use chemicals and the energy produced from it.
  Construction Industry-
a.       Designs
b.       Building Infrastructures
c.       Building Services
Constructional Engineering is almost not known to anyone. It is an engineering discipline which deals with the Designing of blueprints, Planning, Construction of building and Management of huge infrastructures such as Highways, Railways, Bridges, Airports, Dams across rivers and many more. Civil Engineering is completely different to construction Engineering. Don’t get confused. 
  Defense Industry-
a.       Manufacturing
b.       Support
c.       Services for Armed Forces
d.       National Security
  Electronics Industry-
a.       Designs
b.       Manufacturing components
c.       Complete equipment from Automotive to Medicine
Electronics Engineering is also an Engineering discipline that utilizes all the active components namely conductors, diodes, transistors, electronic circuits, devices, microprocessors, and many more. This is a gradual improvement of Telegraph Industry.
  Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry-
a.       Manufacturing
b.       Household Cleaning goods and items
c.       Personal goods
d.       Hygiene Goods
e.       Convenience Goods
  Marine Industry-
a.       Manufacturing
b.       Designs
c.       Developing Vessels
d.       Operating Vessels
Marine Engineering is also an Engineering discipline that involves all the aspects of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. The only change is the mode of transport is only on WATER rather than AIR for Aeronautical Engineering and ROAD for Automobile Engineering. These are used to create huge cruise ships, oil vessels with supply and harbors. 
    Materials and Metals Industry-
a.       Developing new Materials
b.       Manufacturing components
c.       Manufacturing end products
Materials Engineering is an Interdisciplinary type of Engineering which specializes in Metals, Plastics and Ceramics. Developing Composite materials, Studying Composite materials is the main work for discovering new applications to be mentioned with Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical properties. 
  Pharmaceuticals Industry-
a.       Developing Drugs
b.       Manufacturing drugs
Pharmaceutical Engineering is a diverse branch of Pharmaceutical science and technology which holds the power of developing and manufacturing of all the pharmaceutical products, processes and also the drugs & biologics in the Pharmaceuticals Industry. Pharmaceutical Development Sciences, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Science, Clinical type Sciences, Regulatory type Sciences, Pharmaceutical Devices are the only specialties that overlap with existing engineering areas. These are linked to Non Engineering Scientific and Medical fields also. 
   Railway Industry-
a.       Designs
b.       Constructions
c.       Maintaining Railway Components
d.       Maintaining Electrical grids
e.       Power Systems
f.        Train Control Systems
Railway Engineering is a multi- faceted type of Engineering discipline that deals with all the portions namely design, construction, manufacturing and operation of all the different types of Railway systems. It comprises of a wide range of engineering disciplines namely Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Management Engineering and Production Engineering.
 Utilities Industry-
a.       Power Supply
b.       Water supply
c.       Waste management
d.       Telecommunication
These are the sectors in the world of Engineering hub and Industry hub. Nano Technology, Nutrition, Bio Technology, Bio Medical Engineering are also subs but are not usually selected as they need intense work for Mechanical Engineers to get habituated to the typical terminology.

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