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Define Conservation of Energy ( Conservation of Mechanical Energy )

Conservation of Mechanical Energy-

Conservation is nothing special and just an English term which means the preservation or protecting anything. Today we are going to discuss about Law of Conservation of Energy and also the conservation of Mechanical Energy. Mechanical energy is related to three terms in the General Physics. They are

1. Potential energy-

Potential energy is nothing but a type of energy stored up in an object placed at any distance or height from the ground or surface.

2. Kinetic energy-

Kinetic energy is also a type of energy that all the objects in the motion have. Any object in motion have Kinetic energy.
An object can have only Kinetic energy, only potential energy and both Potential and Kinetic energy.

3. Gravity-

Gravity is a force that acts on any body on the earth at 9.8 m/s^2. Gravity is universal and it is responsible for the motion of Earth round the Sun and the existence of universe too.

I will explain you in detail from the fundamentals. This is an article that is very easy to understand. First, let me explain about Law of Conservation of Energy. Law of Conservation of energy clearly states that the energy will be or can be neither created nor destroyed completely or partially by anyone or anything. We know that the change of energy can be achieved only by the External source or External energy applied. When it is not applied, the internal energy remains constant whatever may be the reactions done in the system internally.

For instance, let us consider an object is placed on the surface and is kept constant. It is not in motion. Now the internal energy remains constant. When we apply some force on it from left or right, it moves and causes motion. When it is applied from top, it deforms if the object is not rigid. As there is an external source, the motion is possible and the energy gets increased.

Energy in the Object = Internal Energy of the Object + External Energy supplied.


Conservation of Mechanical Energy-

In physical terms, Conservation of Mechanical energy includes Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy. We can consider the examples we see in our daily life so it will be easy for you to understand. All of us have water tanks on the top floor on our buildings. Let us consider the water stored in the tank. The water is sent to the tank with the help of a motor which converts the Kinetic energy of water ( at the ground or surface ) to Potential energy ( stored in the tank ). Even now, the Kinetic energy is converted into Potential energy. While we open our taps, the water flows from top to below levels and so the potential energy gets converted into Kinetic energy and we feel the water coming out fast from the pipes. Here, the energy of water in the tank is not created but is just converted. The energy of water from the tap is also not created but is converted too. We clearly observe the Conservation of Mechanical energy.

Potential Energy = mgh

Kinetic Energy = mv^2/2

Kinetic energy = Potential Energy

mgh = mv^2/2

Cancelling “m” on both sides.

gh = v^2/2

v^2 = 2gh

v =  ( 2gh )^1/2

This is the equation of Conservation of Mechanical Energy.

Sometimes there may be some instances where the energies may not be equal and deny the law of conservation of energy. This is due to the energy losses like friction, where the energy gets converted into heat energy.
Simple Pendulum motion and Roller Coaster can also be considered as an example for the law of conservation of energy.
This is complete concept of Conservation of Mechanical Energy.

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