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Production Schedule Example Online

Production Schedule-

A Production schedule describes the standard quantity of each finished product that needs to be processed and produced with in each planning period. Usually this is meant for short term planning horizon. The schedule for based on the results of regular analysis of market forecasts and customer orders. Production schedule helps in  connecting the marketing and production activities of the products. It is a short-term future production plan whose duration ranges between few weeks to several months.

There are several objectives of this scheduling. This includes preparing scheduling which specifies data and time by which the finished products must reach their final consumers, whatever they have been promised to them. It also consists of efficiently utilizing the production capacities, there by, overcoming the problems of overloading and under loading.

A Master Production schedule acts as a central office which contains all the information about the orders. It can be developed with the help of the following steps.In this first step, the gross requirements for the master schedule items are consolidated. In order to bring it close to reality, even the service parts and inter plant demands should be included in the gross and requirement demands should be included in the gross requirements.

In the second step, the net out requirement is determined by deducting inventory in hand from the gross requirement. In this final step, all the requirements are grouped into planned orders that can be easily released with in the stipulated time period.Once scheduling is done, the planning stage is said to have been completed., where needs to be executed by dispatching the orders and by carefully monitoring the production activities for fulfilling the delivery promises. After developing a complete master schedule chart, specifying the production requirements, the detailed information can be obtained for all the components and sub assemblies so as to ensure the availability of all the component parts at the time of final assembly.

Detailed Scheduling can be done with the help of several visual aids and other techniques. On this basis of this production, demand patterns, types and frequency of the tasks and many more. An effective scheduling technique depicts planned production, actual performance and their description.
This is about Production Schedule with example

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