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What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering and Industrial Engineering are the ever green branches of Engineering Sciences. I have special interest in Mechanical Engineering and pursuing Mechanical Engineering. There is one basic question to all the students studying Mechanical Engineering. What does a Mechanical Engineer do? What is Mechanical Engineering?


What is Mechanical Engineering?

You can get this answer in the previous post of mine.

Now lets talk about What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

The work of a Mechanical Engineer is completely Humane and Manual.

1. Analyses all the problems of a mechanical device and represents an answer to all the questions theoretically and scientifically.

2. Design the mechanical devices and tools by creating blueprints and soft copies which can also be used in future.

3. Design and Develop a prototype of a huge machine and give a breath taking presentation.

4. Analyze and remodel the design of the previous outputs.

5. Initiate and maintain all the Manufacturing processes.

6. Gain knowledge of each and every tool and use the best suitable tool for the work.

7. Work in power plants mostly near electric generators, gas turbines, steam turbines, etc.

8. Work in Thermal related projects for refrigeration and conditioning, power plants and many more.

9. In the field of Robotics for manufacturing products and goods.

10. Material Handling operations used for transport facility.

11. Get into Automobile field even with the basics of Automobile Engineering.

12. Get into Aeronautical field by studying Aeronautics in Mechanical Engineering.

Even Mechanical Engineers uses computer extensively for design work and solid modeling works.
Mechanical Engineers can work almost in every field of side loading. They are as follows-

1. Heat Exchangers

2. Refrigerators

3. Ventilation Systems

4. Manufacturing

5. Automobiles

6. Aeronautics

7. Robotics

8. Maintenance

9. Mechatronics

10. Control of Machinery

11. Fluid Mechanics

12. Solid works

13. Construction

14. Predictive Maintenance

15. Reliability Measures

16. Modeling

17. Virtual Reality Environment

18. Research Organizations


Mechanical Engineers are generally involved with energy. It includes generation of energy, distribution of energy, effective usage of energy. Mechanical Engineers highly work on research for improving the quality of the current generation. In our daily life, we can observe Mechanical Engineer in all the needs.
Let us have some random words from a co-op.

1. Water

2. Food

3. Mobile

But make sure you have all the words that are tangible.

1. Water consists of major portion of the Earth. How is the distribution of water done?
This is done only with the help of a Mechanical Engineer.
How are they sold out in the market as water bottles and water packets?
This is also done only with the help of a Mechanical Engineer in Manufacturing Industry.

2. Food comprises of all the edible items. Wheat and rice are mostly used type of grains in the entire world. How are they maintained?
This is done only with the trucks and vehicles developed by Mechanical Engineers.
How are they cleaned?
Even this cleaning part is done with the invention of machines by a Mechanical Engineer.

3. Mobile is a device which is used by almost every individual starting from age 4. How is this Manufactured?
This is manufactured with the help of a Mechanical Engineer.
How is it designed?
It is designed with the help of a Mechanical Engineer.
How the material is selected?
This is also done with the help of a Mechanical Engineer.

From my taking of the Mechanical Course in Bachelor of Technology, I came to know a proverb. I am not sure of it as a proverb or a saying.

When Mech Rests the World Rusts.

When Mechanical Engineers stop their research and word, the world completely rusts.
This is a post that should be read by every Proud Mechanical Engineer.

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