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College Degree Levels

College Degree Levels-

All the students now a days wanna pursue their career having a degree. It may be any type of degree namely Associates degree, Bachelors, degree, Masters degree and Doctoral degree. All the universities does not offer all these degrees. There are some colleges in India offering Doctoral degree but some colleges does not offer. Even in United State of America, only some colleges offer Under Graduate and Graduate studies while does not offer Doctoral. Some universities does not even contain Masters degree. So today we can learn about types of degrees colleges or universities offer students. A student may be from in state, out of state or any other country.


Each degree depends on the capability of the student for completion. A student capable of doing Bachelors degree will have theoretical knowledge but may not have practical knowledge. So he was unaware of all the practical doings and must work hard to complete his degree. His negligence may keep him in deep trouble for his studies. The time of completion of each degree varies from one degree to another degree. These are discussed below.

Associates Degree-

The Associates degree is an entry level degree but offers enough range of courses as per the interest of the student. This will provide the basics and fundamentals for the students who wanna pursue their higher studies or get settled in a reputed company. The Associates degree include courses like nursing, graphics, computers and many areas. The time period of the Associates degree may be 4 years depending on the performance of the candidate.

Bachelors Degree-

Bachelors degree has become wide and diverse in the present days. In India, there is no value of Bachelors degree ,also in reputed colleges. This Bachelors degree must take 4 years of study to complete the degree. The main pro of this Bachelors degree is that the student is eligible for studying 8 years which is an extra 4 years in surplus. Getting into a university is not easy. There are many entrance exams available for the universities like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, CAT, GMAT, SAT, EAMCET, IIT, AIEEE and many others. Even Private colleges have separate entrance exams, where we must qualify in that test irrespective of other exams.
A Bachelors degree is a must to get admittance into Graduate program. There are different types of Bachelors degrees. The well known degrees are as follows-

1. Computer Science Engineering

2.  Petroleum Engineering

3. Automobile Engineering

4. Mechanical Engineering

5. Architectural Engineering

6. Civil Engineering

7. Aeronautical Engineering

8. Information Technology

9. Electronics and Communications Engineering

10. Electrical and Electronics Engineering and many more

Types of Bachelors program include Bachelors of Arts, Science, Fine Arts and Applied Sciences.

Masters Degree-

Masters degree is a Graduate program that can be pursued by students who complete Bachelors degree. They may have backlogs but it is limited. It also depends on the type of university. The Graduate schools also calculate the students extra curricular activities, sports, internships and others to ensure the excellence of the student in all the areas. The Masters degree usually take a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years to complete. A student possessing masters degree in their particular field is eligible for any desired role in the company. He may start as a beginner but succeed in his life. There are courses of programs available for Masters more than Bachelor programs. The Bachelor programs have some fundamentals and the Masters is an in depth knowledge. For instance-
A student completes him Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has many options to choose his career in Graduate Program. They are as follows-

1. Mechanical Engineering

2. Industrial Engineering

3. Engineering Management

4. Automobile Engineering

5. Industrial Engineering and Management

6. Aeronautical Engineering

7. Aerospace Engineering

8. Thermal Engineering

9. Design and Analysis Engineering

10 Solid works specialization and many more.

There are also different Graduate programs available namely Masters of Art, Sciences, Business Administration and Fine Arts.

Doctoral Degree-

Doctoral degree is the most advance degree. This degree provides us knowledge by studying the inner in depth characteristics of the related subject or even related topic. A thesis is must for every student. Usually, students who completed Masters are only eligible for Doctoral degree. The students who completed the degree levels Associates degree and Bachelors degree are not eligible as they are still in the fundamental areas. This may take several years to complete depending on the personality and knowledge of the professor, who you work under him. Doctoral degrees are of  Medicine, Mechanical, Philosophy, Dental Surgery and many more.

The Doctoral degree, Masters degree, Bachelors degree and Associates degree are the four major degree levels. The top schools and universities are located in United Kingdom, United States of America and the whole Europe.

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