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Light and Heat Energy- Renewable sources

Light and Heat Energy sources-

Light and Heat energy comes mostly from the sun. The sun emits solar energy or solar radiation, which can be termed as the following items.

1. Solar Crude

2. Wind Energy

3. Photosynthesis

4. Hydro Energy

5. Thermal Gradients

Solar crude is further converted to Photo voltaic and thermal outputs. From both photo voltaics and thermal, heat output can be attained.

Wind energy constitutes the functioning of wind mill and other related equipments.

Later Photosynthesis can be converted into organic combustiles and for food production.

Fossil fuels can be generated by waste food production.

Thermal gradients are from ocean thermal gradients.

Non renewable energy sources generally comes out from fossil fuels namely coal, wood and oil. All the fossil fuel deposits can be regarded to be in fixed quantity. Every time we burn a fossil fuel, we deplete an energy source or supply which has taken more than 500 million years to build up. At the very present consumption rate, we may consume the entire earths supply of fossil fuel in less than a hundred years from the start to finish. The renewable comes from suns heat, which is the solar energy , Earth’s heat generally known as Geothermal energy, Energy in waves and tides and many more. The problem associated with renewable energy sources is that the energy will not be available at all the times as there may be times where clouds form as obstruction.


Instances that can be referred-

1. The sun does not shine always when we want heat, i.e., during rainy and winter season.

2. The rivers and waves are not always as their fastest flowing when we want our water wheel to turn.

3. The wind does not always blow with sufficient velocity in order to operate the wind mill.

4. The above aspect necessitates the use of some form of energy storage device.

Light and Heat energy comes under non renewable sources of energy and can be obtained from the sun alone. The sun emits solar radiation and can be extracted from the suns rays.

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