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BS in Industrial Engineering ( Bachelor Of Sciences Degree )

BS in Industrial Engineering-

First of all what is meant by BS?
BS is an acronym of Bachelor of Science degree. This is also known for its other letter combinations. They are-

1. B.S

2. BS

3. B.Sc

4. S.B

5. SB

6. Sc.B

Bachelor of Science is an under graduate academic degree and it normally takes three to five years for the completion. The issuance of the degree also varies from the university to university. When you complete a study based on Economics, Bachelor of Arts degree is issued but not Bachelor of Science. Even some colleges offer BA ( Bachelor of Arts ) even in the science studies and BS ( Bachelor of Science ) even in the economic studies. Some university names are mentioned below-

1. Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service

2. London School of Economics

3. Oxbridge Universities

4. Northwestern University’s School of Communication

5. University of California, Berkeley

6. University of London

These are some universities offering the above-stated degrees.

There are many International differences and difficulties with the completion of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. The stated countries have their own way of Science degrees. They are as follows-

1. Argentina and Chile

2. Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

3. Britain and Ireland

4. North America

5. Continental Europe

6. Czech Republic


7. Germany


8. South America

There are other differences regarding the time period.

1. Three year Bachelor of Science degree is mostly awarded in India, some European countries, Australia and Africa.

2. Many countries in the world offer Four year Bachelor of Science degree.

3. Five year Bachelor of Science degree is awarded in the South America and some parts of Africa.

4. Six year Bachelor of Science degree is awarded in the left portions of South America.

Industrial Engineering is the optimization of systems to eliminate waste of money, waste of time and waste of energy.
The origin of Industrial Engineering is from three aspects namely-

1. Industrial Revolution

2. Specialization of labor

3. interchangeable parts

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering may cover the following subjects-

1. Operations research and optimization techniques.

2. Engineering Economics

3. Time and motion study

4. Quality engineering

5. System Dynamics

6. System Techniques

7. Motion and time study

8. Management Sciences

9. Comuter Aided Manufacturing

10. Robotics

11. Lean Sigma Six

12. Operations Management

These are some subjects you need to take while studying Industrial Engineering.

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