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How Do Solar Panels Work ?


This post is completely related to the working of solar panels, i.e., the conversion of solar energy to useful energy. Through out the day, even if it is overcast, the radiation from the sun warms our planet. We can harness this energy when ever we need. There is nothing like we cannot produce energy in this time frame. We can easily generate electricity with the help of solar power.

The main advantage of this solar power is –

1. It is unlimited. It never gets exhausted. You can capture and use the all the amount of energy you have received.

2. It does not produce any harmful emissions with its energy production.

3. The main purpose of using the solar power plant is that it is completely free of cost and does not need any money to generate. It does need equipment to capture and transfer the energy from one form to another form of energy.

The process begins when the sun shines early in the morning. Solar power panels are those type of panels that use their panels mounted on it for the generation of power. Most of the solar power panels are located on the roof tops domestically.


Photo voltaic refers to the scientific process by which solar energy gets converted into electricity. There are a number of silicon cells with in each photo voltaic panel. These react with the photons, or units light, from the sun to produce direct current or any type of energy in the form of electricity.
Direct Current electricity then travels to an inverter which converts this energy to electricity known as Alternating current or AC current that is completely suitable for usage in the home or office. AC current ( Alternating Current ) then travels to the distribution network in your home. Powering your domestic or office appliances which includes many machines like lawn mover.

When your solar panels produce more electricity than your home or office is using, the extra electricity gets fed back in to the national grid. You will receive financial rewards for all the electricity your solar panels generate.

This is the process the solar panels work

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