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Internal Combustion Engine History


Internal Combustion Engine is a device that converts the chemical energy into heat energy and further to mechanical energy is known as Internal Combustion Engine. There are many types of Internal Combustion Engines used previously.
Each and every types of Internal Combustion Engine is listed below as per the classification.

1. According to number of Cycles-

a. Two Stroke Engines
b. Four Stroke Engines

2. According to Nature of Thermodynamic Cycle-

a. Constant-Volume Combustion Process or Otto Cycle
b. Constant-Pressure Combustion Process or Diesel Cycle
c. Combined Constant Pressure and Constant Volume or Mixed Cycle

3. According to Ignition System-

a. Spark Ignition System
b. Compression Ignition System

4. According to the type of fuel used-

a. Gas Engines
b. Petrol Engines
c. Oil Engines
d. Bi-Fuel Engines

5. According to the arrangement of Cylinders-

a. In – Line Engines
b. Opposed Engines
c. V – Engines
d. X – Engines
e. Radial Engines

6. According to the Cooling System-

a. Water Cooled Engines
b. Air Cooled Engines

7. According to the field of application-

a. Stationary Engines
b. Mobile Engines

8. According to the Fuel Supply System used-

a. Air Injection Engines
b. Mechanical Injection Engines
c. Carburettor Lubrication Engines

9. According to the Lubrication System-

a. Dry Sump Lubrication
b. Wet Sump Lubrication
c. Pressurized lubrication
These are the classification of Internal Combustion Engines.

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