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Refrigeration Cycle


Most of the people does not even know the name of the Fridge as Refrigerator. The refrigerator is used to store foods, vegetables, fruits and other edible items that are damaged or spoiled when kept in normal or room temperature.

So, a Fridge or a Refrigerator helps to keep the space inside it as cool as we can keep and also helps to control it. The process of maintaining the temperature lower than that of the surroundings is known as Refrigeration. This process of refrigeration is known to be Refrigeration cycle.

Refrigeration consists of mainly 2 areas.

1. Low Pressure side

2. High pressure side

Refrigeration cycle consists of mainly 4 components. They are as follows-

1. Compressor

2. Condenser Coil

3. Expansion valve

4. Evaporator Coil

These are the four essential components of the refrigeration cycle.
Compressor and Expansion valve are in between the low pressure side and high pressure side, i.e., these are used for converting high pressure to low pressure and also low pressure to high pressure. Evaporator coil is situated on the low pressure side and the Condenser coil is situated on the high pressure area.

1. Compressor-

A compressor is used to take in cooler gas and converts it in to hotter gas. This can be achieved with the addition of heat and compression. So the low pressure and cold gas is converted in to high pressure and hot gas. The gas from the evaporator coil enters the compressor and the hot gas from compressor leaves the compressor and enters in to the condenser coil.

2. Condenser Coil-

A condenser coil is used to take in hotter gas and converts it in to hotter liquid. The condenser coil is used to convert the gaseous state matter to liquid state. Condenser coil is located on the high pressure side. The high pressure and hot gas enters the condenser coil from the compressor and gets converted into high pressure and hot liquid which enters the expansion valve leaving the condenser coil.

3. Expansion valve-

An expansion valve is used to take in hot liquid and convert it in to cooler liquid. THe Expansion valve is mainly used to expand the hotter liquid, which in turn converts into cooler liquid thus having low pressure. The low pressure and cool liquid comes out from the expansion valve and enters the evaporator valve.

4. Evaporator Coil-

An evaporator coil is used to take in cooler liquid and convert it in to cooler gas. The Evaporator coil is used to change the phase, i.e., from liquid to gaseous state. The cooler liquid enters the coil and gets converted into cooler gas which is then sent to the compressor.

This cycle continues to go on again and again until the desired temperature is attained.
This is Refrigeration Cycle.

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