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Rivets- Different types of Riveted Joints


What is a Rivet?

A Rivet is a mechanical element that acts as a fastener. It consists of a cylindrical shaft with one end having a bigger head. These are specially used to connect two or more played with the help of a hole in between the plates. The other end is pressed so hard that the plates joined are not disjointed again. A rivet usually expands to 1.5 times its original size.

There are different types of rivet heads. They are as follows.

1. Button head rivets

2. Counter sunk head rivets

3. Oval counter sunk head rivets

4. Pan head rivets

5. Conical head rivets

6. Tubular head rivets

Classification according to the purpose of rivets

1. Strong rivets-

The strength is the only aspect to consider in these strong rivets. These types of rivets are used in many engineering and constructional structures.

2. Tight rivets-

These types of rivets also has the capability of strength as well as the tightness of the plates without any leakages. These are mostly used in dams, reservoirs and other similar constructions.

3. Strong right rivets-

These types of rivets are used especially in boilers where both leak proof and strength are major actions.

Classification according to the position of plates connected-

1. Lap joint –

When the plates are laid one over another, these are known as lap joints.

2. Butt joints-

When the plates are connected in the same plane and are joined with the help of cover plates are known as butt joints.

These are the different types of riveted joints.

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