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Types of Gears ( Gear Types )

Types of Gears ( Gear Types )-

There are 10 different types of gears. They are first mentioned and then described.

1. Spur Gear

2. Helical Gear

3. Herringbone Gear

4. Rack and Pinion Gear

5. Bevel Gear

6. Spiral Bevel Gear

7. Screw Gear

8. Worm and Worm Wheel Gear

9. Miter Gear

10. Internal Gear

1. Spur Gear-

Spur gears are used to connect all the coplanar and parallel shafts. These type of gears have straight teeth which are parallel to each other. These gears usually impose radial pressures and are also known as slow speed gears.

2. Helical Gear-

Same as spur gears, Helical gears have their teeth inclined. These gears can impose higher loads and the motion becomes very smoother than any other gears. The helix angle must be same on both the gears but in opposite direction.

3. Herringbone Gear-

Herringbone Gear is a combination of two helical gears that are placed together. This gear is also known as Double Helicals.

4. Rack and Pinion gear-

This is a special linearly shaped variety of spur gears. There exists a spur rack, a portion of this gear with infinite radius.

5. Bevel Gear-

A bevel gear works at an angle to the other gear. This can be achieved with the help of bevel wheels. At this working, the axis of both the shafts intersects and are conically shaped.

6. Spiral Bevel Gear-

Spiral Bevel Gear is also a bevel gear used mostly in vehicle differential. It helps to drive the direction of the wheel to at most 90 degrees.

7. Screw Gear-

Screw Gear is also a type of worm gear consisting of the worm and worm wheel. It helps to transmit energy continuously without any losses.

8. Worm and Worm wheel Gear-

Worm and Worm wheel Gear is a special type of screw gear. The arrangement is known as worm drive consisting of elements worm screw and the worm wheel. As the worm wheel rotates, the worm screw also rotates and this is known as worm drive.

9. Miter Gear-

Miter Gear is also a Bevel gear but a special type of bevel gear. These are designed in such a way that these must operate in pairs with the same number of teeth.

10. Internal gear-

Internal gear is also known for its names Hub Gear and Gear Hub. This gear is used to change the gear ratio and is commonly seen in bicycles.

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