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Types of Hammers


There are many types of hammers in the present days. Previously there are similar hammers used for different purposes. But now a days, we use different and unique hammers for different purposes. The types of hammers are listed below.

The GOD of all the hammers is THOR HAMMER and is not described as it is imaginary.

1. Brick Hammers-

These are used to break the brick into two or more pieces. These are also used for scaling of the bricks.

2. Traditional Curved Claw Hammer-

This Traditional Curved Claw Hammer is used to drive nails and screws into the walls and also to take off the nails in to the walls. The name of the hammer itself says the hammer is curved.

3. Body Mechanic’s Hammer-

Body Mechanic’s Hammer consists of straight tip and can be used only with anvil. Body Mechanic’s Hammer is used to remove dents of the cars easily.

4. Lineman’s Hammer-

Lineman’s Hammer is very strong hammer with medium width. This is mostly used for pole works or iron works.

5. Chasing Hammer-

Chasing Hammer is used by the persons who deal with special jewelry and ornaments. Chasing Hammer also has a unique and comfortable shape.

6. Titanium Framing Hammer-

Titanium Framing Hammer consists of a titanium body with fourteen to sixteen inches handle. Titanium Framing Hammer is used for large nail extractions very easily.

7. Solid Steel Framing Hammer-

Solid Steel Framing Hammer is only a single body hammer and is used for very hand works. Solid Steel Framing Hammer can be used for hard works because it does not break or crack as it is a uni body design.

8. Welder’s Hammer-

Welder’s Hammer is used by welders. Welder’s Hammer has a unique design as it has to dissipate heat from the work with the hammer. Welder’s Hammer must also provide comfort to the person doing the welding operation.

9. Ball Pen Hammer-

Ball Pen Hammer has a ball shape on one side and flat piece on the other side. Ball Pen Hammer is used to shape the head of the rivets easily without any breakages.

10. Tinner Hammer-

Tinner Hammer is a folded or rolled hammer and is used widely for small operations which need narrow hammering.

11. Prospector’s Hammer-

Prospector’s Hammer is same as the Brick Hammers but Prospector’s Hammer has a capability of breaking even the rocks apart along the already existing cracks or currently made cracks.

12. Electricians Hammer-

Electricians Hammer is a hammer mostly used by electricians which has a lengthy neck that helps to drive the nails more easily while holding the hammer at the last end.

13. Drywall Hammer-

Drywall Hammer is used to remove or eliminate or break off the bits of dry walls remained without completely braking or damaging the walls.

14. Toolmaker’s Hammer-

Toolmaker’s Hammer is used for very small hammerings and can also equip with magnifying glass.

15. Soft Face Hammer-

Soft Face Hammer is used for removing dents and bents of materials namely plastic, rubber and other composites.

16. Tack Hammer-

Tack Hammer has a horse shoe magnet that is used for holding the screws that are made of iron. It makes the work easy without holding the screws further.

17. Dead Blow Hammer-

Dead Blow Hammer has a name that itself says it can deliver dead blows easily. The material is the primary reason and the design is the second reason for the dead blow delivery without much force.

18. Railroad Spike Maul Hammer-

Railroad Spike Maul Hammer is specially used for driving the spikes in the rail road and is the only type of hammer used in this field.

19. Stone Sledge Hammer-

Stone Sledge Hammer is used for Breaking huge stones into pieces and can deliver huge blows too. The Hammer also looks gigantic.

20. Blacksmith’s Sledge Hammer-

Blacksmith’s Sledge Hammer is used for shaping and sizing the semi or raw materials that are being converted to useful goods.

21. Sledge Hammer-

Sledge Hammer is the mother of all hammers and is used for almost any mammoth work. Without this Sledge Hammer, no huge works are done.

22. Bushing Hammer-

Bushing Hammer is only used to drive on the wheel and give a rough texture on the stone.

23. Half Hatchet Hammer-

Half Hatchet Hammer is used for multiple purposes.

These are the different types of hammers.

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