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Types of Rivets


for different types of Riveted Joints, you can press the link below-


1. Solid / Round rivets- 

These are high strength structural steel rivets and are most preferably used.

2. Semi tubular rivets- 

These rivets have some space vacancy for another rivet to come in contact. These are known as semi
tubular rivets.

3. Blind rivets- 

These types of rivets are available as following-

A. Flat heads

B. Counter sunk heads

C. Modified flush heads

The rivets body is normally made from following elements.

A. Wire

B. Tube

C. Sheet

4. Oscar rivets- 

These rivets are known for their absorbing capacity of vibrations. The splits along the shaft helps in this mechanism.

5. Drive rivet- 

These types of rivets are used only with the help of a hammer to hammer the rivet and to completely get rigid with the object. The materials used for the preparations are as follows

A. Plastic

B. Metal

C. Other materials

6. Flush rivet-

These types of rivets are mostly used for external surfaces of metal. These rivets are used only for the posh appearance.

7. Friction lock rivets-

The name itself indicates that due to friction, locking of surfaces occurs. These types of rivets are used for light air crafts.

These are the types of rivets.

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