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Venturi Meter Working Principle ( Venturi Flow Meter )


What is its principle?

A Venturi Meter is also known as Venturi Flow Meter.
A Venturi meter is a measuring or also considered as a meter device that is usually used to measure the flow of a fluid in the pipe. A Venturi meter may also be used to increase the velocity of any type fluid in a pipe at any particular point. A Venturi meter basically works on the principle of Bernoulli’s Theorem. The pressure in a fluid moving through a small cross section drops suddenly leading to an increase in velocity of the flow. The fluid of the characteristics of high pressure and low velocity gets converted to the low pressure and high velocity at a particular point and again reaches to high pressure and low velocity. The point where the characteristics become low pressure and high velocity is the place where the venturi flow meter is used.

This can be achieved only with the help of change in the area of the flow. This is further helped with differential pressure sensor which helps to regulate the desired pressure difference and hence the desired flow of the fluid.

To measure the flow of a fluid, we need the following values.

1. Actual discharge of the fluid
2. Theoretical discharge of the fluid
With the help of the above values mentioned, we can find the co – efficient of discharge.
The actual discharge is nothing but the water that has to be discharged in the tank.
The theoretical discharge gives the real time flow of the water in to the tank due to the venturi meter.

We need to collect the following data-

Diameter of the pipe – d

Manometer reading – h1, h2

Time taken for “h” m rise

Theoretical discharge

Actual discharge

Area of pipe 1 – a1

Area of pipe 2 – a2

Area – A

Glass gauge from which the rise of the water “h” can be found

Manometer readings h1 and h2 used to find the flow head “H”

Applications of Venturi meter are mentioned below-


1. A Venturi meter is used in water purification.
2. A Venturi meter is used in rifles for balancing for recoil less cartridge.
3. A Venturi meter is used in basic carburetor.

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