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In Iron Man – 1, (Tony Stark) Robert Downey. Jr creates a small reactor with all the scrappy items and dismantled weapons. 


In Iron Man – 2, he changes the design by his father creational work with the area blueprint. Everyone including me has a dream to work on the Iron Mans suit. So lets find out if we can really make or break a deal.


Is Arc Reactor really so tiny as shown in the IRON MAN film??

Lets find out the principle behind the Arc Reactor and know about the working of ARC REACTOR.

Arc Reactor in the Iron Man movie can also be described as a Multi-Isotope Radio Active Decay Cell. This Arc Reactor is not completely out of the laws of physics, but partially out of the law making it to come under fictitious device. Moreover, it can be concluded as a Fusion Reactor to a greater extent. A Fusion reactor will be completely bound by the laws of physics, making it practically possible.

Principle of Arc Reactor-

Arc Reactor produces enormous and terrific amounts of energy. This is only because of the bombardment of two basic isotopes. Hydrogen has a very important role from the Nuclear Fusion of Sun to the amounts of Hydrogen in the entire milky way galaxy. The two isotopes are the Hydrogen isotopes and are namely Deuterium and Tritium. They move with very high velocity in the circular tube, containing a magnetic field and smash each other such that they combine into a single atom. Magnetic field is helpful to curve the position of the isotopes moving with high speed, as they relatively have high energy. Curving them to move in a circle causes them to collide and combine into a single atom.

When they combine, the two isotopes of Hydrogen gets converted into Helium and leaves a free neutron. When mass is considered as a factor, the combined mass of Helium and a Neutron is much lesser than the combined mass of Deuterium and Tritium. The mass which gets vanished from the volume will be converted to colossal amounts of energy. This energy can be captured as heat and can be used to run any type of power plant ( Combined Power Plant ).
The important note to take down in this concept is the preparation of energy directly without any sources of conversions, i.e., converting the heat produced to useful energy.

By clearly observing the scenario, it produces mammoth amounts of energy but its size is too small. Not a problem. On the other hand, it has to generate heat proportional to energy obtained. The heat generated in the Iron Mans heart ( Arc Reactor ) will toast him alive with in a small fraction of second.

This is theoretically and scientifically transparent to be real but best enjoyed in the MARVEL movies. Marvel is completely based on fictitious characters which mostly tend not to be real except Bat Man and Iron Man to a limit.

Miniature Arc Reactor concept will be updated in the next week.

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