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Different Types of Energy


Energy is present at any point, any where in the universe. Energy can be deeply classified into two types of energy. They are as follows-
1. Black Energy
2. White Energy

At any point in the universe, the Black energy dominates the White energy. White energy can be classified into many different forms of energy.

Kinetic Energy –

Consider a ball that is hit by a bat. When the ball is thrown by a bowler, it gains some Energy known as Kinetic Energy. Kinetic Energy is nothing but the conversion of energy to the velocity.

Potential Energy-

Consider a ball that is hit by a bat. As soon as the ball gets a hit, it goes high up in the air. When we observe clearly, as the height of the ball increases, the velocity of the ball decreases. This is only because of the conversion of energy from Kinetic energy to Potential energy.

Heat Energy-

When the ball is completely ruptured by a bat, it produces some energy. This is only because of the conversion of Kinetic Energy to Heat or Thermal Energy.

Chemical Energy-

When a bowler wish to throw a ball, he need to consume some energy stored in his body. This includes movement and so consumption of calories takes place in the form of Glucose. The conversion of Glucose to useful energy is known as Chemical Energy.

Electrical Energy-

Electrical Energy is the energy that is also caused due to the movement ( Kinetic and Potential Energy ) of the electrons. When the movement of the electrons is fast, the electrical energy is more. The same way if the movement of the electrons is slow, the electrical energy produced will be also low.

Electrochemical Energy-

When the chemical energy is used to produce Electrical Energy, it is known as Electrochemical Energy. There are many electrochemical devices like fuel cell, a battery and many more.

Electromagnetic Energy-

Electromagnetic Energy in the other forms is known as Light. When light is used to produce electricity, it is known as Electromagnetic Energy. Even this energy is produced by conversion of one form of energy to another form. Light consists of photons and these movement produces electricity.

Sound Energy-

Sound energy is the compression or expansion of waves in the form of both kinetic and potential energy. The conversion of energy takes place and so the energy is produced.

Nuclear Energy-

The energy intrinsically stored in a piece of matter at rest equals its mass times the speed of light squared. Sun, stars and earth interiors comes under the Nuclear energy.

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