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Non Renewable Energy Sources


We do know that there are two types of energy sources. The first type is the Renewable energy sources and the second type is Non Renewable energy sources.

Renewable energy sources can be again classified into five types-

1. Solar Energy

2. Wind Energy

3. Hydro Energy

4. Bio Energy

5. Geothermal Energy

The above mentioned types of energies are renewable sources of energy.

Non Renewable energy sources can also be classified into the following types-

1. Fossil fuel and oil Energy

2. Coal Energy

3. Nuclear Energy

4. Natural Gas

What are basically the factors of non-renewable sources of energy?

Most of the world’s electricity is produced or generated from the power stations that burn coal and natural gas. We know that there are many hydro power plants in the world. But what is the reason we use only the coal as a primary source?

The sole reason is the Hydro power plant is not reliable all the time. For continuous power supply, we must use Coal as a fuel.

Even our cars use petrol and diesel, which are the further derivatives of crude oil. There are cars that run on water and others, but are still in development which makes our only source as oil. Coal, natural gas and oil are all known as fossil fuels. They are usually taken from the remains of the prehistoric plants that were buried millions of years ago. This may be due to many reasons like natural disasters, cyclones and many more. The plants when buried deep under the land and the sea, slowly decompose and turn into coal and many other forms which takes millions and millions of years.

When these fossil fuels are used, they cannot be renewed. They can be replaced by dead plants and trees only after millions of years as it will take a minimum of million years to form in to coal. So, fossil fuels cannot be renewed. Soon one day, the fossil fuels of the earth will be completely exhausted and run out of even a ton of coal. Scientists proved that the consumption of fossil fuels release harmful gases in to the earth’s atmosphere which aperture the ozone layer. This is only the main cause for the change of climate and pollution.

Coal is taken out from the earth and is used for variety of purposes.
Oil and gas under the sea is collected by special platforms and are burned to produce electricity.
Some power stations produce electricity from the Nuclear energy.

World’s Energy Consumption percentage of all the sources of energy is stated below-

1. OIL-

Oil constitutes of about 35 % and stands in the first position in the entire world.

2. Coal-

Coal constitutes of about 28 % and stands in the second following the coal.

3. Natural Gas-

Natural Gas is of about 25 % and stands in the third position.

4. Nuclear and Hydro Energy-

The energy produced from nuclear sources and water comes with 5 % each and stands in the fourth position.

5. Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Thermal Energy-

Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Thermal Energy stands in the last position.

All the renewable sources of energy stands in the last position, which means the energy produced by the renewable sources are very less. But all the non renewable sources of energy stands in the first three places, making the world pollute with consumption of Oil, Coal and Natural gas.

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