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Solar Energy Definition

Definition of Solar Energy-

Every day we wake up in the morning, do all our works, come back at night and have a deep nap. In the mean while, we get vitamin D early in the morning from the sun rays. This is Solar Energy. Solar energy can be used for many applications and activities.

Energy is the capacity to do work.

We are using the solar energy for obtaining vitamin D. There comes the idea of using the solar energy not only for obtaining vitamins from the suns rays but also for generating power. Solar energy is now being for generating both electrical and thermal power.

At the early stone age, i.e., about 2 million years ago, our ancestors wandered from one place to another place to find for food and shelter. One of the greatest discoveries by the humankind was fire, which gave warmth and light to their shelters and protected them from dangerous animals. This fire would be the first use of energy by humankind and also a turning point in early human life, probably comparable to the discovery of electricity in the 19 th century. About 5000 years ago, people began using the wind to sail from one place to another place.

It was only from 2500 years ago, the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes supposedly burned the ships of attacking the Syracuse by using mirrors to concentrate the sun’s rays on their sails. This would have been the first recorded use of focused solar energy in history. More recently, we have learned to use resources such as fossil fuels and renewable energy. Solar Energy is the primary source of energy for wood growing on Earth and for algae and plankton multiplying in the sea through photosynthesis. Wood turned into coal and algae and plankton turned into natural oil and gas over hundreds of millions of years, resulting in solar energy storage for today’s use.

The exact definition of Solar Energy is utilizing the energy that is obtained from the suns rays. There are Solar Concentrating Plates that are used to concentrate all the suns rays to a particular point. Almost all the solar power plants use this technique for converting the solar energy to thermal or electrical energy. Ivanpah Solar Power Facility is one of the example for Solar power plant, located in the California desert. All the suns rays are concentrated to a particular point, where the solar energy is converted to heat energy, which is used for generating the electricity.

There are two types of solar energy-

1. Active Solar Energy
2. Passive Solar Energy

Active Solar Energy-

Active Solar Energy is the solar energy that can be used to convert the solar energy to useful heat energy that can be used to produce electricity.

Passive Solar Energy-

Passive Solar Energy is the energy that can be used to generate the room heat from the suns rays. This is only used to generate the enough sufficient heat but cannot be used for generating electricity. This is only for space heating and light.

This is the definition of solar energy and these are the basic types of solar energy.

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