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Solar Panels Definition


What is a Solar Panel??

Solar Panel is a type of a device or an equipment that is used to absorb the suns rays and convert them in to useful energy. A solar panel is also known as the Photo Voltic cell.
A solar panel is made up of number of solar cells. The function of each solar cell is to absorb the suns rays and use them for conversion. All the solar cells form together to form a solar panel. If the solar panel is small, the number of solar cells used is low and if the solar panel is large, the number of solar cells used is more. The size of the solar cell also differs from one solar panel to another solar panel.
Solar Panels are also known as Solar Plates. The Solar Panels must be placed in succh a way that all the sun’s rays must me concentrated on the solar panels so as to obtain maximum energy from the sun.

The type of cells used in the solar plate may be of the following-
1. Crystalline silica cells
2. Thin film cells
3. Cadmium cells
4. Silicon cells

The conversion of solar energy to the useful energy is not optimized completely as it is not possible up to date. We can achieve a maximum percentage of 21.5 % conversion rate successfully.

All the efficiencies of the solar plate or solar panel can be measured with the help of Maximum Power Point value of the solar cells. Solar invertors are also in use that convert the DC power supply to AC power supply to obtain maximum power.

Solar panels can be mounted to the following sources-
1. Pole Mounts
2. Foundation Mounts
3. Ballasted footing Mounts

There are two types of solar panels. They are as follows-
1. Ground mounted solar panels.
2. Roof mounted solar panels.

This is all about a Solar Panel.

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