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Solar Thermal Energy


What is Solar Thermal Energy??
Solar energy is the form of energy that is obtained from the suns heat. 
Thermal energy is the energy obtained from any heat source and utilizing its heat. 
Solar Thermal Energy is a unique type of technology that is used for converting the solar energy to thermal energy or electrical energy for the direct usage of energy in the industries. The first solar thermal energy is used in SAHARA for the running of steam engine with the help of steam produced by the suns rays. 
Solar Thermal collectors are used for converting the useful solar energy to thermal energy and thus utilizing the energy. 
There are many solar thermal collectors. They are as follows-
2. Solar Energy Generating Systems Installation
3. Crescent Dunes
4. Solnova Solar Power Station
5. Andasol Solar Power Station
6. Extresol Solar Power Station
Solar Energy Generating Systems Installation produces 354 MW.
Crescent Dunes produces 110 MW. 
Solnova Solar Power Station produces 150 MW.
Andasol Solar Power Station produces 150 MW.
Extresol Solar Power Station produces 110 MW.

There are different types of Solar Thermal Collectors. They are as follows-
1. Low Temperature Solar Heating and cooling systems.
2. Medium Temperature collectors.
3. High Temperature collectors.
Applications of low temperature collectors include solar driven cooling, heat storage in low temperature solar thermal systems, solar heat driven ventilation and process heat.
Applications of medium temperature collectors include solar drying, cooking and distilltion.
High temperature collectors include system designs, parabolic trough designs, enclosed trough, dish designs, fresnel technologies and enclosed parabolic trough.

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