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Types Of Construction Trucks


Usually the construction trucks are the vehicles that are used for the construction works. There are many different types of construction trucks up to almost 300 types but the basic trucks are mentioned and explained briefly.
In this post I am going to explain you the basic types of construction trucks. They are as follows-

1. Loader-


A loader consists of a bucket type hook attached to the truck and is used for scooping the waste materials, dirt and other materials. A loader comes under the category of heavy equipment vehicles.

2. Excavator-


An excavator consists of a shawl like hook attached to the truck and is used for digging the dust from a gulp. These does not consists of wheels but has a chain driving system like a military tanker which helps in the smooth motion even if the surface is rough or uneven.

3. Backhoe-


A Backhoe is a type of excavator that digs the dirt or materials backwards. It also acts as a loader for scooping waste materials. A backhoe is a truck that acts as a both Loader and also the Excavator.

4. Bulldozer-


A Bulldozer is a heavy equipment type truck which has a sharp shovel, used for scavenging the scrap land. Many Bulldozers also have a sharp claw shaped device attached to its back known as ripper that helps to loosen the tight soil.

5. Dump Truck-


A Dump truck is used to load and unload the waste materials from one place to another place. This is very helpful heavy equipment type truck and is mostly similar to a lorry.

6. Cement Mixer-


A Cement Mixer is a truck with equipment that is used to mix the concrete and sand. The concrete poured in to the mixer will be poured out of it with in two hours so as to eliminate the hardening of the concrete. But unfortunately if it gets hardened, jack hammers are used.

7. Crane-


A Crane is used to lift heavy weight objects to very heights. It can double fold, fold and extend to greater lengths. Cranes are being used by Greeks and Romans from over 3000 years.

8. Road Roller


A Road Roller is mainly used to lay roads with very smooth surface finish. It has a huge round and smooth finished heavy equipment, which helps to lay flat and smooth roads. This can also be used for many purposes.

These are the different types of construction trucks.

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