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What is Sheet Metal Fabrication ?


What is Fabrication?


Fabrication is a manufacturing process that involves the production of desired part or a work piece. Fabrication involves the use of raw material to prepare finished goods.

What is Sheet Metal Fabrication ?


This is a manufacturing process which involves the use of metal sheet in to a desired finished good through many processes. These processes include material removal, material deformation and material adding. The metal sheet used is normally very small and is very thin.

Sheet Metal Fabrication involves the use of many metals, many instruments and many equipments. Even hydraulic brakes are used for the sheet metal fabrication. This involves to create bends and turnings at predetermined angles.

The next process is the welding. Welding is done so as to make it strong and rigid at a particular angle without any deformations. Any high skilled labor can be able to perform welding in this sheet metal fabrication.

The materials available for sheet metal fabrication are as follows –

1. Aluminum
2. brass
3. Bronze
4. Copper
5. Magnesium
6. Nickel
7. Stainless Steel
8. Steel
9. Tin
10. Titanium
11. Zinc

The final process is the sand blasting, which is a surface treatment process used to clean the surface without any impurities. Then it is painted and tested for any defects.

This complete process is known as Sheet Metal Fabrication.

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  1. I wasn’t very familiar with the process of sheet metal fabrication. It sounds like there are very specific steps to getting the exact results you are looking for. I would be interested in seeing this process.

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