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Advantages and Disadvantages of Belt Drives


In the previous post ( Engine Belt Types ), we have come to know about the types of engine belts when two pulleys are considered. But the advantages and disadvantages of these belt types are mentioned below.


1. Belt drives are very simple in construction and are very economical when compared to other types of drives.
2. All the belt drives do not need the pulleys to be maintained at the same height. They can be in different heights.
3. All the belt drives do not need to be parallel shafts connection.
4. Belt drives are connected with special protection ( Overload and Jam protection ).
5. No noise and vibration can be observed ( very little ).
6. The machine life span will be increased as there will be no load fluctuations.
7. The maintenance cost of the belt drives is very low.
8. No lubrication is needed for the belt drives for their proper functioning.
9. Belt drives are very efficient and reliable when compared to others. The efficiency of the belt drives ranges from 90 % to 99 %.
10. Belt drives are very economical when the two shafts are at longer distances.
These are the advantages of belt drives with two pulleys.


1. The angular velocity in the belt drives is not constant. They are also not equal to the pulley diameters ratio as the belt drives have some of slipping and stretching.
2. The generation of heat is possible through continuous running of belt drives.
3. Heat produced reduces the efficiency of the belt drives, but also the life capacity of the machine gets reduced.
4.  The speed is limited to 35 mt / sec and the power transmission is limited to 370 KW.
5. The operating temperatures of the belt drives are only from – 35 degrees centigrade to 85 degrees centigrade. They cannot work under or below that temperature.
6. More wear and tear occur which increases the maintenance cost of the machine.
These are the disadvantages of the Belt drives.

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