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Engine Belts Types

Types of Engine Belts when two pulleys are considered –

A belt is a strip material used to link two or more rotating shafts mechanically. The belt drives are primarily used for the smooth transmission of power from and to both the shafts that are at a considerable distance. There are many types of engine belts. When a two pulley system is considered, there are two types of belt drives. They are open belt drive system and closed belt drive system. They are clearly explained below.

1. Open Belt Drives

An open belt drive is used to rotate the two pulleys in the same direction, i.e., the direction of the first pulley is same as the direction of the second pulley. At the times of power transmission, the pulley that is rotating by the original means, have its belt tight and strong. While the other side remains loose. In open belt drives, we always keep the tightened side to the bottom and the loose side to the top. The two pulleys must never be placed at a distance that is too far or too near, which causes many errors.

2. Crossed Belt Drives

Same as the open belt drives, there are two pulleys but are connected in the x shape direction. In the cross belt drives, the two pulleys do not rotate in the same direction but in opposite direction. Even in these crossed belt drives, one side of the belt is tight and the other side of the pulley is loose. This seems to be a bit complex in two d view but has the efficiency higher than the open belt drive.
These are the two types of belt drives when only two pulleys are considered.
There are many types of belt drives but these two are the basic types of belt drives. When three pulleys are considered, there are many types of belt drives which we can know in the further posts.

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