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Casting Process Advantages and Disadvantages

Casting Process –

Casting is also known for its other name Foundering. Foundering is a manufacturing process which is very old and has a process of pouring liquid molten metal into perforated casting cavity containing of refractory material. We need to allow liquid metal to solidify completely before taking it out. Once it gets completely solidified, we can take it out by any means even by breaking the mould. This Casting or Foundering process is used to produce many complex components like cylindrical blocks, machine tools, beds and many others.

Casting process and its terminology –

1. Moulding Sand

2. Baking Sand

3. Facing Sand

4. Loam Sand

5. Parting Sand

6. COSand
7. Flak –
a. Drag
b. Cope
c. Cheek
8. Pattern
9. Parting line
10. Sprue
11. Runner
12. Ingate
13. Riser
14. Chill
15. Chaplets

Advantages of Casting Process –

1. Many complex shapes can be produced easily with the help of casting process.
2. More informationally, any type of material can be manufactured.
3. The best method to use casting process is by producing the products in small quantities.
4. The properties of casting is same from all the directions due to small cooling rate.
5. Due to the easy manufacturing, many types and sizes of products can be produced which weighs up to 200 tons to max.
6. The Casting process is the cheapest method that can produce the products with desired mechanical properties.
7. Very heavy equipment from heavy ship equipment to air craft equipment can be prepared using casting process.
8. The main feature of the casting process is that different properties can be indulged into the same product and can give many new features.
These are some of the advantages of Casting process.

Disadvantages of Casting Process –

1. The dimensional accuracy may be very less in some cases.
2. The surface finish is also very less.
3. The defects coming in this casting process is unavoidable.
4.The Sand casting process is intensive to labour.
These are some of the disadvantages of Casting process.

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