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How to be creative ?


The creativity is the use of imaginary ideas and the best ideas to get the best output, particularly in the form of artistic work. Creativity is not just limited to artists but can be found anywhere we see mostly. The grass and its movement is the creativity of God. We see creativity in a problem solved by an engineer, developing a business by a businessman, parents improving the children in a way people like. All the children are not alike and have different interests. The author found out the way to be creative can be achieved in the best effective possible way and the worst possible way.
The author like to stress on the words Creativity is a Habit and Best creativity can be attained only from good work habits. Antonio Salieri, when cursed to live in the time of Mozart, he thought that god has chosen the wrong body as his creative head. What the actual reason is the genes. Leopold Mozart is the father of him, who is the best at all the things like education, music, philosophy and also famous throughout the Europe. So this is completely natural for the son to have the habits of his father. But he can never play basketball or any game unless he intend to ( Learn to ).
The small boy is exposed all over the Europe. The image showing that the god whispers in his ear to flow the music from his fingertips, makes the people to buy the tickets to the movie. He has to work hard for the movie, whether the god whispers in his ear or not. Without him preparing for the movie, the kiss of god will be wrong.
Many people think that music is a gift to Mozart. Mozart clearly mentions all the people that only with hard work comes the success. He worked so hard that even his fingers deformed and he is the only complete musician who composed on all instruments. He thinks life is short and would like to deliver complete musical life dealing with many distractions like need for money and raising the family. Mozart never told his son to be perfect in music. He jumped without any hesitation to his sister’s harpsichord and got a grip. He never told his son to make it a passion as it is not his life but his sons. Creativity comes only when you have interest in it.
No one is completely skilled to be creative but can be achieved only by continuous practice. What you have done may be wrong, that is only because you never know the truth at the beginning. But when you do the same wrong again, that is a huge mistake. You need to develop yourself while exercising and practicing continuously. Art is the bridge between you and the world, the skill is the way you construct the bridge. Everything you do every day is a habit and can be creative. You need to prepare for everything you undergo. You need to plan your time and work. Without proper planning you are a gun in a hand with no bullets in. In the movie “ The Karate Kid “, Mr. Miyagi agrees to teach Karate to Daniel but makes him to do all his household work is a very special explicit way. After the completion of the work, Daniel bursts himself with anger. Mr. Miyagi suddenly attacks Daniel and to his surprise, he blocked all the attacks and defended himself. The training he gave to Daniel is not completely visible in the way other masters teach. Daniel learned Karate without even knowing it is Karate.
Ultimately, the author would like to incite your mind that whatever you do, wherever you do, however you do the work or any other things, you gain some creativity. You will be an experienced person. Even the simple walk we know, is the improvement and experience we have from our childhood what we have learned step by step taking the help of parents. Nothing is the world is scrap because even scrap can be recycled. The only way to be creative is to find creativity in everything we do and everything we see.

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