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Advantages of Lubrication in an Engine

Importance of Lubrication to Engine Parts –

The lubrication is the process of reduction of friction between two surface or two parts by supplying oil to the rubbing sides. Engine runs efficiently when the lubrication is provided and good lubrication must be used to reduce the friction between the moving parts.

Advantages of Lubrication are as follows –

1. Supply of a lubricant reduces the wear and tear of the moving parts.

2. Lubricant is also used to reduce the heat in the engine. It takes away heat from the moving parts and new oil will be passed every time.

3. Lubricant is also used to seal a place like a piston and a cylinder, which helps gasses not to escape.

4. A good lubricant absorbs the shocks generated between the bearing and other parts, thus reducing the noise generated by them.

5. Lubricant helps to reduce the friction between the moving parts and thus helps in the smooth movement.

6. It helps to remove dirt and grit from the moving parts of the engine which helps to increase the life – span of the engine.

Main Crank Shaft bearings, Big end bearings or also known as Crank Pin, Gudgeon in bearings, piston rings, Timing gears, Cylindrical walls, Cam Shaft, Cam Shaft Bearings, Valve Mechanism, Valve Guide, Valve Tappets, Rocker Arms, Governor, Water Pump Bearing and many parts of the engine require the lubrication.

There are many types of the lubrication system in the engine and each type of lubrication system has its prominence and will be discussed in the next posts.

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