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Effects Of Solar Energy

Effects Of Solar Energy –

Solar Energy is a renewable source of energy and has the capability to dramatically change the way the world gets the power. Solar Energy is also the world’s cleanest energy source that solar plants develop. There are many potential impacts on the environment and they are as follows –

Solar energy or Solar power is a form of zero emission or free form of energy and the green house gas emissions are negligible. The new scale sole energy projects are bound to result in the same zero emissions but may result in some greenhouse gas emissions.

Water is the largest body available on the earth and is a water intensive process. Solar Photo РVoltaic cells account for 40 percent of electricity generation. Solar Thermal Power Plants use steam power plants to produce electricity but the water used in these power plants may be reused.  They rely on the water for cooling. But when the local water is used, this may effect the environment.

The solar plates placed on the roof tops of buildings and home, they require very negligible amount of land space. But when the same system is placed in farms, it requires a large space. This variation also effects the environment.

Solar Photo – Voltaic panels contain many hazardous materials that will be released when the panel is broken, damaged or decomposed. Concentrating solar energy power plants also use many hazardous elements creating the potential for the spills.

When the visual experience is considered, it depends of the view of each person. When it is at a natural landscape, it feels good when the power production is considered and when the visual beauty is considered, it creates a heart break.

These are the effects of solar energy. There are many advantages and disadvantages but the advantages are far more when compared to disadvantages, so solar energy is considered the best source of energy.

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