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Loads on Chassis Frame



A Frame is a basic unit to which various components are attached. The body is made fit on the frame afterwards. The loads on the chassis frame are as follows –

1.The weight of the vehicle and the passengers also leads to the vertical bending of the side members.

2. Vertical loads act on the vehicle when it comes across a bump or hollow, which results in longitudinal torsion due to one wheel lifted or lowered with that of other wheels as the usual road level.

3.Loads due to the side wind, the camber and the cornering force while taking a turn also results in lateral bending of the side members.

4. Loads acts due to wheel impact with road obstacles may cause that particular wheel to remain obstructed while other wheels tend to move forward. It leads to distortion of the frame to parallelogram shape.

5. Braking torque and Engine torque tends to bend the side members in the vertical plane.

6. Sudden and impact loads during the collision results load on the entire frame.

These are the consequences that make the loads on chassis frame.

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