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Economic Feasibility of Solar Energy

Economic Feasibility of Solar Energy –

* Harnessing of solar energy refers to the collection of solar energy which can be utilized for various applications.

* The problems of harnessing solar energy has been largely solved after years of patience practice and research.

* The early harnessing of solar energy began with the elementary draping of the clothes to the solar power plants in the recent times.

* The major aim of the increasing the utilization of solar energy is due to the frightening rate of exhaustion of non – renewable energy sources together with the worst and unavoidable pollution that they cause.

* The cost of harnessing the solar energy at first was very high, but in the recent years, with the aid of constant research, the cost has come down to within the means of every household. These were implemented even in the under developed countries and were greatly encouraged.

* The research and development of the cost effective solar harnessing devices is still on and is expected to become a reality to have a cheap and clean source of energy in every house.

* The search for economically viable solar collectors for improving the collection efficiency and also to increase the output of solar generation plants has been by and large successful to some extent.

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