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Classification of Steam Boilers

Classification of Steam Boilers –

Steam Boilers are broadly classified into many times and they are named below according to the method of firing, the pressure of steam, tube contents, nature of service, method of circulation of water, nature of the drought, gas passage, the position of the drum, number of drums and the fluid used.


According to the method of firing –

a. Internally fired boilers

b. Externally fired boilers

According to the pressure of steam –

a. Low – pressure boilers

b. High – pressure boilers

According to the tube contents –

a. Water tube boilers

b. Fire tube boilers



classification of steam boilers



According to the nature of service –

a. Stationary boilers

b. Portable boilers

c. Mobile boilers

According to the method of circulation of water –

a. Natural circulation boilers

b. Forced circulation boilers

According to the nature of the drought –

a. Natural draught boilers

b. Forced draught boilers

According to the gas passage –

a. Single – pass

b. Multi – pass

According to the position of the drum –

a. Vertical boilers

b. Horizontal boilers

c. Inclined boilers

According to the number of drums –

a. Single – drum

b. Multi – drum

According to the fluid used –

a. Steam boilers

b. Mercury boilers

The following factors must be considered while selecting the boiler –

  1. The quality of Steam required.

  2. The availability of floor space.

  3. The rate at which steam is to be generated.

  4. Availability of fuel and water.

  5. The Cost of operation and maintenance.

  6. The working pressure and the power required.

  7. The probable load factor.

  8. Low intial cost when compared to others.

  9. Accessibility for repair and maintenance.

  10. The type of fuel to be used.

These are some of the factors to be considered while selecting a boiler from the above.

Advantages and Disadvantages of High Pressure Boilers

These are the different types of boilers. Each type of boiler has its advantage and disadvantages and will be discussed briefly in the next posts.

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