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Types of Welded Joints

Types of Welded Joints – There are usually five different types of welded joints. They are divided into five in number according to the welded locations on the work pieces. They are as follows – Butt Joint Corner Joint Lap Joint Tee joint Edge joint Butt Joint – Butt joint …

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Worlds Largest Power Stations

World’s Largest Power Stations – Three Gorges Dam Three Gorges Dam is the worlds largest power producing station located in China. The capacity of the Three Gorges Dam is 22,500 MW and its annual generation is about 98.8 TWh. Three Gorges Dam is a hydro type power station. China Yangtze …

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Classification of Steam Boilers

Classification of Steam Boilers – Steam Boilers are broadly classified into many times and they are named below according to the method of firing, the pressure of steam, tube contents, nature of service, method of circulation of water, nature of the drought, gas passage, the position of the drum, number of drums and …

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Different Ways to use Solar Energy

Different Ways to use Solar Energy –   What is Solar Energy ? What are the different ways to use Solar Energy ? Solar Energy is the radiation that is obtained from the sun’s heat. There are many different ways to use solar energy. The definition of solar energy can …

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What is a Cam ? How Cams Work ?

Definition – A cam is a rotating member which imparts reciprocating motion to another member called the follower in a plane which is at right angles to the cam – axis. Shape – Its profile is shaped such that a smooth rise and fall for the predicted motion of the …

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Types of Engine Valves

Types of Engine Valves – The valves are nothing but the gates for opening and closing the inlet and exhaust passages in the cylinder. The engine valves are broadly classified into three types. They are as follows –   Rotary Valve Sleeve Valve Poppet Valve Rotary Valve – Rotary valve has …

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