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What is a Cam ? How Cams Work ?

Definition – A cam is a rotating member which imparts reciprocating motion to another member called the follower in a plane which is at right angles to the cam – axis. Shape – Its profile is shaped such that a smooth rise and fall for the predicted motion of the …

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Types of Engine Valves

Types of Engine Valves – The¬†valves are nothing but the gates for opening and closing the inlet and exhaust passages in the cylinder. The engine valves are broadly classified into three types. They are as follows –   Rotary Valve Sleeve Valve Poppet Valve Rotary Valve – Rotary valve has …

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Parts of Internal Combustion Engine

An Engine is a type of device that converts chemical energy of the fuel supplied into heat energy and then converts this Heat energy into Mechanical energy. This energy can be used for doing some useful work. Th. functioning of an engine is that the fuel supplied is burnt and …

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