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What is a Cam ? How Cams Work ?

Definition – A cam is a rotating member which imparts reciprocating motion to another member called the follower in a plane which is at right angles to the cam – axis. Shape – Its profile is shaped such that a smooth rise and fall for the predicted motion of the …

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What is a Muffler?? Types of Mufflers

Muffler in a Car Exhaust Manifold- The term Muffler is a device that is primarily used for reducing the amount of noise or sound pollution emitted by the Automobile or any Machine. To reduce this noise many prevention steps are implemented. The effective way employed is the usage of Muffler, …

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How brakes work? Types of brakes

Brakes and its types – Introduction of brake- Brake is a normal mechanical device by means of which we are able to apply artificial frictional resistance to any moving object in order to stop the object how to decrease the speed of the object by decelerating it. Example can be …

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Best V12 Lamborghini Car

 V12 Engine- Lamborghini is the name of a car brand of Italy and a large manufacturer of all the luxury cars and sports cars. There is an interesting fact about this brand Lamborghini. Lamborghini also formerly manufactured SUV’s which are owned by Volkswagen group only through the brand division subsidiary …

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